Quincy Massachusetts Marriott Hotel

Today, the Company announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Quincy Marriott Hotel (the "Hotel") in the Boston submarket of Quincy, Massachusetts. The purchase price is approximately 12.1x 2007, based on the current forecast of the hotel, and includes the land adjacent to the hotel, which the Company intends to authorize for future development. It expects to receive purchase prices and allocations if estimates change, but not before the end of this year.

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If you need to cancel your hotel reservation for 2020 due to postponements, we recommend calling the Marriott Reservations Line at 1-888-236-2427. Some hotels have several shuttles, but only one of them is wheelchair accessible, so we will make sure you have someone to help you get over at the station. To request one, you will find an emergency call box on the platform, ask the station staff or press the infotainment button and ask for it. If we need a wheelchair accessible shuttle, you will need to let us know when you call and if you request a "bridge sign" to board, you will be asked to stop and stop.

Be aware that some wheelchair users may have difficulty reaching the gate on the left side of the platform or even the front gate itself. If you have a ticket, put it in its entirety in the ticket reader and pull it out so that the machine can read it. Attention: When the barriers are closed and you need to take out your ticket, bring it with you and use the validation machine at the table for registration. If you have tickets instead of tickets, tap the black rectangle on the map as soon as it is plugged in and press "Enter."

Cross the entrance at 400 Crown Colony Drive and continue to the next street, which has a sign for the Marriott. Cross the street at the intersection of Crown Colony Drive and Crown Colonies Drive and cross the hotel parking lot on the right side of the road.

Turn around the corner to the hotel and you will be in front of the entrance and turn left onto Crown Colony Drive.

Continue in the same direction and you will see the Marriott on top of the hill as you walk. Cross the driveway and turn left onto Crown Colony Drive, take the sidewalk on the right so that the sidewalks on the left do not lead to the hotel.

Parking is free and the hotel offers a variety of parking options, such as underground parking, ground floor parking or parking on the doorstep.

The first parking lot you will find is near the congress hall and leads to a multi-storey garage. Continue along the road, passing directly by the railway station, until you reach the top of the hill and reach the entrance to the car park on the right. The entire length of the bus and park road runs on the left before reaching the entrance on the corner of Main Street, just a few blocks from the hotel. Walk up the ramp and continue a short distance west on Main Street until you reach a street outside the stations.

At the next set of traffic lights, cross the side street, then turn left and cross Crown Colony Drive to the right and then left again to get to Main Street.

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More About Quincy