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He has performed at various venues, including the Waltham Symphony Orchestra, for which he is also principal cellist, and has regularly performed with many ensembles from the region. He has also performed with the Boston Symphony, Boston Philharmonic, New York City Symphony, and Boston Public Schools, and has performed with the Boston College Orchestra of the Arts and Cambridge Symphony. He has also been performing as principal cellist of the New England Symphony for the past two years, including at Boston Symphony Hall and London's Royal Albert Hall.

There are also buses available in Quincy, including several MBTA lines (see below). Boston's Logan International Airport is accessible by car via roads and tunnels, as well as by bus, train and ferry.

The MBTA Red Line, Quincy Line and Boston Line also operate in Quincy. There are four metro stations near Quincy, all on the MBTA Red Line, as well as several other stations along the line.

Quincy begins at the border between Quincy and Randolph, which is separated from Weymouth by the Neponset River and the Fore River. Route 3 connects I-93 and US-1 near the Braintree Split, and all three reach West Quincy via the Southeast Expressway. The highway passes through the wooded wetlands of the reserve, coming to Quincy just before Exit 5 and crossing Brainree as it approaches the intersection of Route 1 and Interstate 93 at Exit 7. At the same time, Route 2 enters Quincy from the north and separates from the Neponez River.

The expressway also provides access to West Quincy when it reaches Milton and leaves at the Furnace Brook Parkway exit, which also provides access from the South Quincy Expressway to the Quincy - Dorchester border. Hancock Street starts at Route 1 and Route 3 in Quincy, leads north to Dorcester and then south to Bebe in West Quincy and then east to Quincy.

In addition to Blue Hills Parkway, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation includes Quincy. The game is played on the border between Quincy and Dorchester at the South Quincy Expressway exit on Route 1 and Route 3 in Quincy and the Furnace Brook Parkway exit.

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Washington Street enters the city at the intersection of Washington Street, which crosses the Weymouth Fore River, and passes through the Quincy Center, which ends at Hancock Street. Continue east on the Parkway to cross the Quincy River and enter the town of Quincy, then south on Washington. Continue to the Furnace Brook Parkway and then east on the Parkway until you cross the Quincy River.

South Quincy is a residential area adjacent to the town of Braintree, which includes a number of public parks and protected areas, as well as the Quincy Center. Quincy Point is the site of the Fore River Shipyard, which also houses the Weymouth - Quincy Naval Air Station, the only naval base in the city. While Quincy's is mainly urban, there are a variety of state parks managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The state highway and interstate system connects the Boston metropolitan area with the airport, ports and intermodal facilities in Boston. Another mode of transportation connects Quincy to Boston via a regional subway system operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), locally known as the T. MostMBTA Route funnel through the Quincy Center station, which is one of the busiest stations in the state and the second busiest in Massachusetts. One of Boston's immediate southern suburbs is Quincy, with a population of about 2.5 million people and a total area of 1.5 million square feet.

The Quincy Center is the city's business and government center, where you can find restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices and a variety of government buildings and offices.

Quincy is home to the first and third governor of Massachusetts, John Hancock, who was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, on April 1, 1781, the first day of the American Civil War. The city takes its name from John Quincy Adams, a leading member of the Boston City Council.

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